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EXCLUSIVE: “Highly Confidential” Breville Information Accidentally Exposed

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US lawyers acting for a US Company Preston Industries in a case against Australian Company Breville have requested that ChannelNews remove a recent article that they claim contains ‘Highly Confidential’ Information relating to a Breville acquisition in the USA.

We have at this stage chosen not to remove the story titled ‘Breville Being Sued In US, Failed To Disclose Action To Shareholders as the legal firm has failed to identify what information is confidental in the story we published.

Back in 2014 Breville acquired the Illinois-based Preston Industries’ sous vide product line with Breville agreeing to pay Preston a licensing fee to sell their appliances.

Under the terms of the agreement, Breville also agreed to purchase certain appliance products models from Preston as the products were updated.

Preston alleges Breville went against the terms of its licensing agreement when it ditched the Preston products it had been stocking for newer products called Joule Sous Vide from rival maker ChefSteps.

Breville Being Sued In US, Failed To Disclose Action To Shareholders

Chicago based law firm Vitale, Vickrey, Niro, Solon & Gasey recently applied to a US Court to gag information that was according to them “Filed inadvertently” in a case of Preston Industries Inc. v. Breville Pty. Ltd., 2:20-cv-11711 in the Central District of California.

In the email to ChannelNews the legal firm wrote ‘The original complaint, that was filed inadvertently, contained material which Breville now contends to be highly confidential information.

A redacted version of the complaint was filed on March 26, 2021, which removed the information that Breville alleged was highly confidential. Breville has indicated that it intends to take all necessary measures to protect this alleged highly confidential information”.

We have requested the legal firm to identify which part of our story was confidential.

The legal firm also provided a link to their latest application that request a gag order against the original ‘Confidential.” Information.


They claimed that the California District Court’s order granted a motion to seal the complaint and publicly file a redacted version of the complaint.
ChannelNews has contacted Breville, and we are waiting on clarification relating to this issue.

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