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EXCLUSIVE: Distributor CMI Looking To Expand Hires New GM

CMI Accessories is one of those distributors that flies under the radar, acquired last year by Kieran Adams, of Hemisphere Business consultants the Queensland based distributor, has recently appointed Alex Fernandez as the new General Manager with plans to expqand the business in Australia.

A  supplier of mobile accessories the business has built a network of retailers and carriers for their accessories and are now looking to take on new brands.

An experienced executive Fernandez has worked for several decades in the industry including leadership roles at companies such as Qualcomm, Samsung, BlackBerry, AT&T and Brightstar.

In his new role he will play a crucial role in driving CMI Accessories’ growth, expanding its market presence, and fostering strategic partnerships according to Adams.

Adams claims that his approach to business development and his ability to navigate complex market dynamics have contributed to his reputation as a trusted industry leader with his knowledge of carrier and retail environments seen as extremely valuable in today’s marketplace.

According to Adams the business has deliberately flown under the radar since being acquired they are looking for growth in a highly competitive market.

Adams said, “We are confident that CMI Accessories will continue to thrive under his guidance and that long term growth is achievable”.

Fernandez claims that CMI Accessories is dedicated to providing market leading products and exceptional service to Australian consumer electronics retailers.

“We are committed to innovation and an open-minded approach to delivering business solution tailored to our customers unique requirements”.

“CMI Accessories aligns precisely with my experiences and values.” he claims.

“We are well-positioned to build upon our reputation as a leader in the mobile & consumer electronics accessories market”.

Management claim that the company remains focused on delivering solutions that enhance the digital lifestyles of its customers and provide a seamless user experience through the recent and ongoing upgrades to its website and remaining humble in the fast-paced competitive Australian distribution landscape”.

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