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ChatGPT Website Data Falls For First Time

ChatGPT has taken over the world since the arrival last November, however for the first time since the landing, website visits have dropped.

Global traffic fell by 9.7%, unique visitors dropped 5.7%, and the amount of time spent on the website by users dropped 8.5%.

It should be noted though that the site still attracts more visitors than bing.com, Microsoft’s search engine, and Character.AI, which has become the second most popular standalone chatbot site. The global visits to this site fell 32% month over month.

It has been suggested this dip in traffic “is a sign that the novelty has worn off for AI chat.”

The measures only relate to the website, chat.openai.com, and not the mobile apps that many seem to be using instead. Microsoft are also investing huge amounts into OpenAI to incorporate elements into its search engine.

The arrival of ChatGPT has also brought huge attention to AI tools including text based offerings, and image/video generation software.

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