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Ex-HTC Boss Plots Comeback With 5G VR Headset & New Platform

Tech entrepreneur and former boss of then-strong phone maker, HTC, has prepared a comeback to consumer electronics with a new 5G virtual reality (VR) headset and immersive online platform – three years in the works.

Reported by Bloomberg News, Chou’s ‘XRSpace’ is a 5G wireless VR headset that has over three hours battery life, and was slated to unveil at Mobile World Congress in February before coronavirus restrictions.

The company has partnered with Deutsche Telekom AG and others to build a VR  platform upon which services can be experienced and accessed.

XRSpace’s headset uses cameras to pick up hand gestures and track the wearer’s motions, and it creates a lifelike avatar from a selfie,” he informed Bloomberg.

The device pledges to facilitate real-world actions (e.g. shaking hands, working out) in a natural way, and has already built a virtual world with public spaces (e.g. to watch a concert or sports game).

The new XRSpace headset has launched for US$599, however, the company expects it to be bundled with carriers in 5G service packs, or alongside education providers. Usages in health and wellness are also expected, with experts in the space brought on board to guide development.

Chou admits the product is still months away from store shelves, however, it reportedly has already signed up 40 – 50 apps to be embedded within its VR platform.

The news comes as local telco Telstra continues to ramp up its 5G connectivity, following reports its progress has not been hampered by the coronavirus.

Chou states the product is unique in that it leverages the incoming tide of 5G technology, and addresses demand for virtual remote entertainment (spurned by the COVID19 pandemic). 

The product will reportedly debut in Taiwan before expanding to other international markets including Europe, US and the rest of Asia.

Chou left HTC after the popularity of its smartphones slowed down, and its betting on VR and 5G to be the next ‘big thing.’

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