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Everysight To Bring AR To Cyclists

Augmented reality is set to make its way into the visors of cyclists everywhere with Everysight’s new Raptor.

The company says they’re the first “first true AR smartglasses designed for life in motion.”

When worn, they allow users to view and track data while riding including navigation, speed, heart rate and even record your experience in full HD.

The glasses will need to be connected to your smartphone before use but once that’s done they can be controlled via buttons on the handlebars, a touchpad on the glasses themselves or built-in voice commands.

Everysight describe the BEAM tech that powers the Raptor as “a proprietary and patented see-through display technology that crisply overlays information directly in the wearer’s line of sight using the lens itself as the augmented display thus avoiding peripheral distractions, eyestrain and eliminating opaque display elements that obscure the view.”


Though the device doesn’t yet have a price or release window attached to it, the company is currently taking sign-ups for a Test Pilot Program ahead of an eventual public launch.

Those interested have until December 23rd to apply for the first wave.

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