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eSports Overshadow Olympics In US Streaming Traffic

According to broadband firm Sandvine, the Amazon-owned gamed streaming service occupied more bandwidth than the Olympics did over the early days of the international event.

At least, when it comes to American audiences.

Sandvine found that “The only time where Olympic streaming significant outpaced Twitch was for the brief period Sunday night surrounding men’s 4x100m freestyle swimming final where the United States won gold.”

They released the accompanying graphic, which shows the traffic trends over the three-day period.



While the sample Sandvine are citing does have a number of limitations and certainly can’t account for the sizeable audience watching the Olympics via traditional broadcast channels, it remains an interesting footnote for the growing popularity and prominence of things like eSports and livestreaming.

ChannelNews spoke to popular Australian livestreamer Matthew (known as MrMattyMouse on Twitch) who told us “it says more about the medium in which they are viewed if anything”

“Undeniably eSports is growing and becoming exceptionally popular but to say it’s more watched than the Olympics will be – there is just no way. The majority [of] people are just watching it on TV like they always have.”

That said, he’s confident about the future.

“eSports is growing at a rate that no one predicted, and it’s only going to keep going. I could see an Olympics style eSports even, kind of like EVO is for fighting games, but including even more genres of games,” he said.

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