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Fuji Xerox Rebrands And Refocuses

Fuji Xerox Rebrands And Refocuses

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Now celebrating 30 years in Australia, the company is at pains to point out that despite common perceptions, it has always been strong in the SMB channel.

And its figures seem to back up this view – between 2003 and 2007, the company managed to achieve growth of 400 per cent, with most of it coming from colour SMB printers.

Furthermore, Fuji Xerox has given itself a nip and tuck in terms its logo—going from the old red and white pixelated ‘X’ look to a more warm and friendly sunburnt orange feel, together with a so-called ‘sphere of connectivity’ design in the logo- with the emphasis being on the word ‘ connectivity’.

This new warm and fuzzy look says Fuji Xerox GM Adrian Johnson is designed to get away the older, more corporate feel. “We wanted to present a younger, more dynamic image and a more customer-centric approach to the market”, says Johnson.

This move by the company is also purpose-built- the annual printer market in Australia is worth about $300 million- and Fuji Xerox controls about 10 per cent of that, making them the third largest vendor in the country.

With most of the growth in the next few years coming from upgrades from mono to colour printers, the new look and feel of the Fuji Xerox brand is designed to cash in on a technology they invented many years ago and a space which they feel they rightly own.