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New Gefen Video Scalers

New Gefen Video ScalersUsing these scalers, you can upscale any standard of high definition audio/video source using DVI or HDMI to 1080p. Support for DVI sources with supplemental audio lets you incorporate computers into the home entertainment systems. These HDCP-complaint scalers have on-screen menus for video refinements, and use dual scaling engines, dual 3D motion video de-interlacers, and frame-rate conversions.

The GefenTV 1080P HDMI Scaler ( provides upscaling of DVI or HDMI format to 1080p full HD resolutions.  The GefenTV High-Definition Scaler  supports component video and DVI sources with audio.
For more details, go to http://www.gefen.com/kvm/news/view-news-item.jsp?news_item_id=108