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OLED Display For V2 iPad Say Sources

OLED Display For V2 iPad Say Sources

LG Display in Korea is working on an OLED display screen for the next version of iPad which is due before Xmas say sources.

Also confirming an OLED screen is Taiwan based Digitimes who sourced the same information after speaking with component makers working on Apple’s tablet device in Taiwan.

Digitimes claims that the second generation iPad will use the same design concept as the iPhone 4G. According to LG sources the issue has been cost and the quality of production a problem that has plagued Sony who late last year stopped production of OLED

LG Display who have a multi billion dollar display contract with Apple have been working on improving the quality of their OLED display offering for some time. They will shortly release a 19″ OLED display monitor that has a built in TV tuner say sources.

Digitimes’ in-house analyst, Mingchi Kuo  claims that the high costs of OLED panels will continue to be an obstacle for Apple and other computer firms looking to invest in OLED tablets and laptops in 2011.

By way of comparison a 9.7-inch LCD panel for iPad currently costs Apple around $60 to $70, but the price of a 9.7-inch OLED panel is about $500.