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IBM Expands Cloud Out Of US

IBM Expands Cloud Out Of US
The data centre, which will be housed in existing IBM Japan centres, will be able to handle millions of users of IBM’s LotusLive collaboration network when it is debuted in late September. The closest hub for these services is currently the US.

Australia is in a similar situation, set to piggyback off a distant data centre in Singapore for IBM’s SmartCloud enterprise cloud computing service. But IBM engineer Michael Shallcross has expressed his expectation of an Australian server being set up domestically if the demand warrants it in an interview with ITnews.

HP has also been developing its cloud services, yesterday launching its PC Backup Services for desktop and notebook data back-ups for mid-sized businesses.

IBM made a similar move on Monday, introducing SmartCloud Archive, SmartCloud Virtualised Server Recovery and SmartCloud Managed Backup, with a focus on fast data recovery for critical business files and documents in times of crisis.