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Wharfedale Delivers Cool Modernism With Onyx Loudspeakers

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Designed to embody cool modernism, the Wharfedale Onyx loudspeakers enhance the presentation and the lucidity of sound delivered, with a harmonious balance of craftmanship and technology.

The multi-layered Onyx loudspeaker range conprises two floor-standing models, a stand mount speaker with matching dedicated stand, two centre channel models and a subwoofer.

Engineered as a prestige range, it couples the acoustic refinement and experience of the famous Wharfedale Evolution series with an ultra-modern deep gloss aesthetic.

The Onyx also offers a definitive focal point of aesthetics and design, both in terms of hi-fi system and overall interior décor of a room.

The floor-standing Onyx 300 and 200 models both feature Wharfedale’s wide dispersion side firing bass drivers.

Developed exclusively for this application, this new generation of low-profile drivers have a near 360 degree radiation profile, allowing them to integrate seamlessly with the front firing speakers.

Through careful positioning these side-firing units can be used to augment the in-room bass response. Positioning them to fire towards side-walls can increase in-room bass response by around 6dB, whilst if positioned to fire inwards, they produce a more-dynamic, tauter performance.

According to Audio Visual Revolution, Power is meaningless without control and no more so is this true than in drive unit design of the Onyx. Every aspect of performance requires a perfect balance of power and control, says the company, and the Onyx series embodies this philosophy with its refinement and clarity.

The Onys speakers are available from authorised Wharfedale retailers priced as follows:

Onyx 300 Floor-standing speakers – $2,649.00
Onyx 200 Floor-standing speakers – $2,149.00
Onyx 100 Bookshelf speakers – $999.00
Onyx Centre2 Centre Speaker – $749.00
Onyx centre1 Centre Speaker – $649.00
Onyx Subwoofer – $1,149.00

For more information, visit www.avrevolution.com.au