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Double Blow For Apple, After iPhone Ban, Schools Now Bans iPads

First it was Myer dumping Apple products, now an Australian school has dumped iPads from the classroom with iPhones set to disappear in some schools, the move is aimed at making pupils brighter.

the decision was taken after students at Reddam House’s primary and junior high school who have used e-textbooks on iPads in the past have told teachers that they preferred pages to screens.

According to Fairfax Media teachers also found the iPads were distracting and did not contribute to students’ technology skills, prompting the school to announce that students should no longer use digital textbooks, and must revert to hard-copy versions instead.

In New South Wales the government has already banned iPhones and mobile phones in primary schools after psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg blamed them for bullying and sharing of explicit images, in California in the USA law makers are also moving to ban mobile phone use in schools.

Principal at Reddam House Dave Pitcairn told Fairfax “We hadn’t completely gone away from hard copy, we kept year 11 and 12 hard copy. When [students] got to year 11, and now had the comparison between digital and hard copy, they preferred the hard copy.

“The ease of navigation through the textbook was easier with the hard copy. I believe they learn better the more faculties they use, the more senses they use in research and reading and making notes.”

“[Students] could have messages popping up and all sorts of other alerts,” said Mr Pitcairn. “Also, kids being kids, they could jump between screens quite easily, so would look awfully busy and not be busy at all.”

The school will also phase out iPads and begin a bring-your-own device policy based around notebooks.

The big winner is set to be Acer with their range of education notebooks and Google Chrome devices. In the USA Google Chrome is 82% of the education market.

ChannelNews understands that several schools outside of NSW also want to ban iPhones and smartphones in the classroom after a report recently came out that claimed that the only factor that can explain a global decline in school maths, science and reading since 2000, was the use of smartphones by pupils according to a leading international educator.

Professor of educational policy at the Gonski Institute for Education, Pasi Sahlberg, said that since 2000, Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) scores for 15-year-olds have been falling in every OECD country, intensifying after 2007 when the first smartphones went on the market.

Sahlberg says mobiles are the only explanation for falling tests scores across the OECD and it is clearly evident in Australia.