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Don’t Wanna Subscribe? You Can Still Buy Office 2021

The world might have moved on from one-time software purchases for the most part, but for those who aren’t planning to leap into the clouds with Microsoft 365, which also features the latest version of the Office suite, you can buy a one-off perpetual licence version of Office.

In other words: you don’t need to subscribe just to use Word or Excel every now and then. It’s a smart move from Microsoft, given that many folks aren’t planning to dive whole hog into the Microsoft ecosystem.

Office 2021 will be available to buy on October 5, the same time that Windows 11 comes out.

The new version will include Dark Mode, new Excel mathematics and search functions, and the PowerPoint slideshows are getting a new lick of paint, too.

The ‘perpetual licence’ for Office 2021 is actually five years of support, and you won’t get the feature updates that come with a subscription – but it won’t come with a recurring bill, either.


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