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Dock Strike Could Be Called Off Today, Peace Deal Offered

A strike that is affecting supply to CE and appliance retailers and their suppliers could be coming to an end/

The Maritime Union of Australia is proposing a 12-month “peace deal” with Patrick to end their docks standoff which has seen containers packed with TV’s, notebooks, sound gear and appliances left on boats at sea.

Yesterday Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that the strike threatens the nation’s supply chains, he accused the union of engaging in “extortion” due to most of their members being highly paid, with packages that sees them get up to 12 weeks off a year.

The Prime Minister did not rule out sending troops to stop the industrial action and demanded a “lawful” resolution as Patrick warned that delays were worsening, with 38 ships and 100,000 containers caught up in the ­disagreement.

Today MUA national secretary Paddy Crumlin said the proposed deal would see the union end all legal industrial action at the company’s container terminals and the retention of al existing employee conditions.

“If Patrick refuses this peace offer, the Australian public will be left in no doubt which party is responsible for escalating this unnecessary conflict at such a difficult time for the nation,” he said.

The union will formally make the offer at a private conciliation hearing at the Fair Work Commission later today.

Mr Crumlin said that while the MUA rejected Patrick’s “outlandish and baseless” claims that the industrial action was causing major delays at terminals, the union was acting to address the “concerns of the broader Australian community”.

“When the MUA and Patrick sit down for a conciliation hearing before the Fair Work Commission today, the union will be putting forward this genuine, reasonable, and fair peace offer that could bring the current dispute to an immediate end,” Mr Crumlin told the Australian.

“Our proposal does not seek to modify a single word of the existing agreement, so there is no change to the arrangements that Patrick has successfully and profitably operated their container terminals under.

“This peace deal would result in the immediate end to all industrial action at Patrick container terminals, now and for the duration of the agreement.

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