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DJI Issues Apology For Lengthy Mavic Pro Delays

Drone manufacturer DJI has issued an apology following confusion around shipping delays for the Mavic Pro.

The new portable drone from DJI was originally due to be released on October 15th, before being delayed to the 21st due to strong demand worldwide.

DJI said in a statement that increasing production to “full speed at top quality” took longer than the company had expected.

“Prior to our scheduled shipping target, we encountered an issue integrating a part into the Mavic Pro,” DJI said.

“The excitement for the Mavic Pro beat our expectations. As a result, we are working diligently to ramp up production to meet the higher-than-anticipated demand for the Mavic Pro.”

In its apology, DJI also said it would be making improvements based on feedback from customers, including reviewing the process of immediate billing of pre-orders.

Many customers will still need to wait before they receive their new drones. DJI said they are unable to provide specific delivery estimates, but the company will attempt to clear all orders made before the 3rd of November in the next seven to eight weeks.

Due to such a lengthy delay, some orders will not be fulfilled in time for Christmas, with some customers potentially not receiving their orders before the new year.


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