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Recall Move Slows: Samsung Moves To Limit Note7 Charging

Despite calling for the recall of all its fire-prone Note7 handsets, Samsung Australia says it will push through a software update that stops Note7 batteries charging beyond 60 percent.

It’s unclear how many Note7 handsets have been returned in Australia – but it’s plain that Samsung is concerned that there are many still out there and untreated.

The new update will target replacement Note7s, as well as those whose owners have stubbornly hung on to them.

Samsung appears to be hoping that limiting use of the Note7s to an average of less than a day between charges will force the hang-backs to bring their handsets in for treatment.

“Customer safety is our number one priority and we are asking customers who still have a Galaxy Note7 to immediately complete a data back-up and factory reset before powering-down the device and returning it to their place of purchase,” said Richard Fink, IT and mobile VP at Samsung Australia.

In the meantime – sorry, but your Note7 should run out of battery life sometime in the afternoon.

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