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Ditch Content From “Continue Watching” on Netflix

It’s a long-held complaint with Netflix users that, when they start watching a movie or series and find it’s not what they were looking for, it lingers in the “Continue Watching” section of the homepage like an unwanted party guest.

While it’s a handy feature with stuff you’re fully engaged with, a new feature will now let users ditch the bad memories that clog up Continue Watching and move on with their viewing lives with a fresh palette.

“We’re introducing a new way for members to give your ‘Continue Watching’ row a fresh start,” Netflix says.

“We are always looking to improve the Netflix experience so our service is quick and easy to use.”

To remove a title from your computer, mobile or TV app, just scroll down to the “Remove from Continue Watching” option and you may never have to see Joe Exotic from Tiger King’s face again.

Or if you love the show like so many, select twice to undo the removal.

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