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Devialet Collaborates On New ‘Year Of The Dragon’ Loudspeaker

Devialet, a French luxury audio brand, has collaborated with two artists, Yang Bao and Wa Liu, to create a limited edition version of its Phantom I 108 dB wireless loudspeaker. It will be called the Devialet Phantom I 108 dB by Yang Bao & Wa Liu.

It’s functionally the same as the regular Phantom I, which is available in white / gold, or dark chrome, retailing for U$3,199, however it will cost U$6,700. Australian pricing and availability is still to come.

The device boasts 1,100W power, and can connect to any Phantom model via Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2, Bluetooth 5.0, Spotify Connect, or UPnP. Users can listen via one or two in a stereo pair.

Additionally, it’s Roon Ready and includes Devialet’s App for added features and customisations, including synching multiple units for multi-room setup.

This new design celebrates the Lunar New Year, the Year of the Dragon, and was inspired by Bao’s concept of “Infinity Music.”

Dubbed “ANIMAL,” this is adorned with layers of 22.5-carat gold, and polished red varnish set by hand.

The collaboration marks a new chapter in Devialet’s alliance with Ateliers Gohard (who set the red varnish). The long lasting partnership continues representing the celebration of a synergy between artistic vision and execution.

In Chinese culture, the dragon is the sole mythical creature in the zodiac. The collaboration encapsulates the essence of dragon, echoing the spirit of the Devialet Phantom I.

Devialet’s co-founder and Chief Design Officer, Emmanuel Nardin said, “As our flagship product, Phantom I is the perfect balance of artistry and industry-leading technology, truly encapsulating Devialet’s founding ethos of combining breathtaking design with audio excellence. As we enter our first-ever artistic collaboration, we’re excited to be delivering the speaker in a very emotional and sensitive limited edition with Yang Bao and Wa Liu.”

“A pair of highly talented young artists, their creative expertise has brought both the magic and animality of the dragon to life, enabling Phantom to once again raise the bar for listening experiences.”

Wa Liu is a multimedia artist, having graduated from Yale and MIT. She said, “When you play music on it, especially with heavy bass, it always feels like it is alive. That’s the reason why we’re focusing on the idea of animality and metamorphosis on this design, to create something that is breathing while also producing very beautiful music.”

Yang Bao is an installation artist, Juilliard-trained pianist and composer, and he said, “We believe that both science and art need to utilize these two senses, the logical mind and the more emotive mind, to better understand our surroundings and our fast changing world.”

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