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Detailed Video Shows How To Tear Down The New Samsung S 22+

A tear down of the all-new Samsung Galaxy S22+ has revealed that the repairability of the device is “impressive” according to PBK reviews.

And if you ever wanted to see what was inside a Samsung Galaxy smartphone a nine-minute video posted to YouTube takes you step by step through the tear down process with components easily accessible.

The first thing that was done was the removal of the rear panel from its adhesive, it was then a case of stripping back layers of components.

In the process, the camera hump of the S22+ and lenses were extricated together with the backplate as a single assembly.

Up to 20 screws were removed to reveal the inner part of the phone after carefully taking out the NFC and wireless charging coils.

The battery cables were then disconnected, which enables the removal of the main board of the Galaxy S22+.

The battery was removed using isopropyl alcohol after the extraction of the daughterboards.

Alcohol is used to loosen the adhesive holding the component in place.

The two auxiliary antennas then come to view after the separation they are compatible with mmWave 5G signals.

The screen decoupling is a bit more seamless than previous iterations of the Samsung Galaxy and it comes apart after the application of heat to the perimeter of the display.

To see the process, watch this video.

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