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Desktops Still Outpacing Mobile Devices In Aussie Workplaces

Desktops Still Outpacing Mobile Devices In Aussie Workplaces

Desktop computers, rather than mobile gadgets and phones, will continue to be the most popular workplace devices in the near future, according to a new Gartner survey covering 9592 respondents in the USA, the UK and Australia.

Despite the adulation given to mobiles in many quarters, desktops are still the most popular corporate device among businesses, with more than half of workers receiving corporate-issued desktop PCs, Gartner says.

Some 36 percent of workers received laptops, including convertible models in the survey period of June to August 2016. Adoption of convertible laptops as corporate-issued devices is still very low, but has been gradually increasing, Gartner concludes. But onlyaround 21 percent of employees use tablets, regardless of whether they are corporate issued or personally owned, Gartner estimates.

Gartner analysts expect that more employees will receive convertible laptops over the next three years and can enhance the user experience with touch-based input. In mature countries, including Australia, Gartner concludes that  75 percent of workers will receive at least one PC-type device in that timeframe.

“The low adoption of corporate-issued mobile devices underlines the fact that large numbers of personally owned mobile devices are used in the workplace,” said Mikako Kitagawa, principal research analyst. “In fact, more than half of employees who used smartphones at work rely solely on their personally owned smartphones.

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