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Dell Takes On Acer, Unveils New Chromebook For Schools

Dell has taken on the likes of Acer and Lenovo, unveiling a new ultra-durable Chromebook specifically made for the education space.

The new Dell Chromebook 5190 features an 11-inch display, and comes in either a clamshell or 2-in-1 convertible design.

The device offers support for an EMR pen input, plus a ‘World Facing Camera’, set to be particularly beneficial to students who wish to capture lecture materials.

Dell’s Chromebook 5190 features a USB-C slot, Celeron processor, and 13 hour battery life.

Specifically aimed at the education space, the device boasts robust durability including; display with scratch resistance, spill-resistant keyboards and drop protection.

The company claims the Chromebook 5190 can withstand drops from about 1.2 metres.

Releasing sometime in February, the new Dell Chromebook 5190 will start at US$289 (said to be around A$356) and is tipped to be roll out in Australia sometime later.

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