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Deezer Partners With Sony For Immersive Audio Sessions

Premium streaming service Deezer has teamed up with Sony to launch spatial audio listening for a number of live performances.

The 28-track playlist, called “360 Sessions”, features live recordings from artists including Dua Lipa, Half Moon Run, and Anne-Marie. The “unique immersive experience” means vocals, different instruments, and live audience can be heard as if inside a 360-degree sphere.

sony deezer Deezer Partners With Sony For Immersive Audio Sessions

According to Jerome Coïc, Deezer’s Senior Special Operations & Partnerships Manager, the experience aims to recreate the feel of a live performance.

“Each act brings our fans up close and personal to their favourite artists. To further preserve the integrity and specialness of each recording, we created ‘Deezer 360 Sessions’ in 360 Reality Audio.

“With 360 Reality Audio, fans will experience sounds that mimic an omni-directional soundscape that will transport each music fan to the heart of their favourite performance,” he said.

While playable on any headphones via iOS or Android, users of Sony headphones with Headphones Connect will hear an enhanced experience, Deezer says.

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