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Daytime Traffic On NBN Up 70%, Mobile Networks Up 40%

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Advice to stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly increased pressure on the NBN and telecom networks in non-CBD areas. The government has reported that daytime traffic increased by 70% on the NBN and 40% on mobile networks.

Today, the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association and the Communications Alliance launched ‘Keeping Australians Connected’, an information resource for consumers that covers some of the most common issues facing the telecoms industry.

For example, COVID-19 lockdowns at offshore locations – where IT, customer service and technical support services are based – have disrupted telecoms providers’ customer care for consumers in Australia.

There have also been disruptions on some government voice services, such as government sites that use 1800, 13 or 1300, as a result of the heightened demand.

Keeping Australians Covered aims to cover news on the latest disruptions to services, information on support services and tips for customers.

Most of the tips cover basic things like choosing standard definition over HD or 4K. They also recommend trying to download larger files at off-peak times, from 9pm to 9am.

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