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Hibernation Economy: Top-5 Smart Fridges In 2020

As Australians prepare to hibernate until the COVID-19 pandemic is over, fridges and freezers have been selling out at appliance retailers across the country. We’ve gathered a list of the best fridges that use smart technology. Be warned though, a lot of retailers have stopped selling these appliances online due to high demand, so you may have to check availability at your local store.

Samsung Family Hub 4.0 Fridge (825L)
At the top of our list of smart fridges is Samsung’s Family Hub 4.0. It has three built-in cameras, so you can check what supplies you need on your smartphone when you’re out (the Smart Home App is compatible with Android 4.0 and later or iOS 7.0 and later).

The fridge is also compatible with the Woolworths Online Shopping App, Skoolbag App, Meal Planner App, Bixby Voice Activated Control, Uber App, Ring Doorbell App and the Nespresso App – all of which can be accessed on the screen on the fridge’s upper right door.

The fridge screen can be used as a digital bulletin board, displaying sticky notes, photos or your handwritten drawings/messages.

It is also compatible with the Spotify and Tune-in Radio apps, and can play your favourite songs from its built-in speakers.

With 825L capacity and three separate cooling systems in the fridge and freezer, this fridge can support a large family. The bottom right door has five different temperature ranges, so it can be used as a fridge or freezer as needed.

The stainless steel panel on the interior of the fridge not only adds a stylish finish, it also helps to regulate the temperature.
Support: Free replacements for water filter and shelves, 6-month courtesy call and maintenance visits
Energy rating: 2.5 stars
Price: $6499

2. LG GF-V708BSL InstaView Door-In-Door Fridge (708L)
This fridge has a number of smart features, including remote temperature control, which you can adjust through the LG Smart ThinQ App (compatible with Android 4.1.2 or later and iOS 8 or later).

Its most distinctive feature is the InstaView Door-in-Door – with a quick double tap on the glass panel you can peek into the contents of the fridge, avoiding the need to open and close the door unnecessarily.


Aside from the tech, this fridge has a smart layout. For example, it has a slim, in-door ice maker, allowing for maximum fridge space. Its retractable shelves can fit in taller items when needed or you can extend the shelves if you want more standard shelf space.

In order to minimise fridge odours, there is a fan that actively forces air through the carbon deodoriser and recirculates it.
Support: 10-year parts warranty
Energy rating: 2.5 stars
Price: $3999

3. Hisense French Door Stainless (701L)
Although it offers no connectivity, this fridge features Hisense’s Inverter Technology, which is designed to maintain the right temperature in an energy efficient manner. It also promises a quieter fridge that has a top-range cooling system.

It is built with the company’s Frost Free technology, which prevents ice from building up in your freezer. Another smart element is its LED lighting, which is bright but also reduces heat and unnecessary energy output.

The integrated ice and water dispenser ensures you have a constant source of chilled water, and it can store up to 1.8kg of crushed or cubed ice, an important feature for entertainers.

The middle drawer of the fridge can be converted to a fridge or freezer as needed. There are also slide-away shelves that can accommodate taller vessels that need to be stood upright.
Support: Three-year warranty
Energy rating: 2.5 stars
RRP: $2999

4. Electrolux French Door, Dark Stainless Steel Fridge (681L)
Through the Electrolux Life app you can monitor and adjust the temperature of your fridge from your smart device (Wi-Fi connectivity is required for this feature). The app can also alert you when you need to change the filter cartridge or when the door is accidentally left open. If you have other smart Electrolux appliances you can manage these from inside the app as well, and access helpful tips and recipes.

For regular entertainers, this fridge tops the list in terms of convenient features. The tap in the door can deliver filtered water, cubed ice or crushed ice whenever you want it. The Boost Mode increases the chill rate of the fridge for six hours, while the Fast Ice function lowers the freezer to -23°C for 12 hours to ensure your frozen goods are kept as fresh as possible. The -2°C UltraChill setting, meanwhile, is ideal for fish and meat, keeping them as fresh as possible without you having to freeze them. It also has slide-back and flip-up shelving.
Support: Two-year warranty for details and three-year warranty for the sealed refrigeration system
Energy rating: 3 stars
RRP: $3699

5. LG Top Mount Fridge With Door Cooling+ (516L)
This fridge has less connectivity features than the other listings here, but it can connect to a compatible smartphone and run the LG Smart Diagnosis program, which will help troubleshoot any issues you may face, preventing unnecessary call-outs. It’s also the cheapest and most energy efficient smart fridge on the list.

Its characteristic Door Cooling+ feature cools items in the door up to 35% faster than comparable LG fridges. It also has a chilled compartment that is cooler than the main fridge, offering another zone of cooling, and strategically placed cooling vents that ensure an even temperature throughout. The touch LED display on the door allows you to see what temperature your fridge is at and alter the settings without having to open it.

Support: 10-year parts warranty on linear compressor
Energy rating: 4 stars
RRP: $1399

LED touch display

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