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Parrot Extends Strike Deal

Parrot Extends Strike DealStrike Group general manager Amanda Newberry said the company saw the potential of Parrot’s innovative products to enhance the mobile phone experience.

“Despite being a relatively new player in Australasia, Parrot is well known in the European market, recognised for its innovative product range that pushes the boundary of consumer electronics products,” Ms Newberry said. 
“Australian’s are known to be early technology adopters who are looking for innovation and a competitive offering,” said Parrot Chairman, CEO and founder Henri Seydoux. “We feel that Parrot is well placed to meet the needs of tech-savvy Australians who are looking for a wireless product alternative.”

Commenting on the international market, Mr Seydoux said “despite a difficult market condition, Parrot achieved a sustained rate of business growth over the second quarter of 2008.

“Our international growth rate is close to 30 per cent, and our strong position is enabling us to grow our business with a long-term focus,” said Mr Sedoux.