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D-Link’s Premium Wi-Fi 6 Mesh System Only Costs $449.95

Wi-Fi 6 is becoming the new standard of network connectivity thick and fast, as the array of new devices presented at IFA has proven.

With that in mind, D-Link is at the forefront of providing users with premium and affordable access to the new technology, allowing them to make the most of smart networks and devices around the home.

The latest from the company is the M32 Mesh System, devices released as part of it’s premium EAGLE PRO AI M32 range.

For those unaware, a Mesh Wi-Fi system replaces the typical router by providing network coverage over multiple nodes, eliminating network dead zones, and providing a more comprehensive and stable connection throughout the home.

Just like the D-Link- DIR-X3260 AX3200 Wi-Fi 6 Router that Channel News recently reviewed, the new Mesh system supports dual-band AX3200 802.11AX technology, delivering combined wireless speeds as high as 3.2Gbps. Combined with 1024-QAM, an enhancement over the 256QAM in Wi-Fi 5, throughput to devices is boosted by up to 25% and bandwidth is increased with 160MHz contiguous channel width.

As previously mentioned, the benefit of a Mesh system is increased coverage area and a more reliable connection throughout the home. The M32 system comes in a 2-pack configuration for $449.95 and 3-pack for $599.95, which provide 510 square metres and 740 square metres of coverage respectively.

The AI Mesh Optimizer and unique AI Beamforming technology fitted to the M32 Mesh System further bolsters the coverage and reliable connection throughout the home.

Even for those making use of an ethernet connection, having a mesh system allows for a direct connection in more places around the home, for even faster, more stable network connectivity.


Ensuring a safe, secure and family friendly environment, D-Link has fitted the new system with AI parental controls that allow for schedule setting and website blocking, preventing young children from accessing inappropriate or dangerous content.

There is also support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to let you know which devices are connected to the system, as well as for checking on security settings.

Speaking of security, the M32 Mesh series boasts the WPA3 Wi-Fi security standard which includes new protocols and algorithms that verify and secure devices, whilst still encrypting traffic so it cant be read from outside threats.

The M32 can be completely setup using the D-Link EAGLE PRO AI app, granting control over your network and easily identifying any network issues.

D-Link, whilst not the only company providing Australians with a high-end Mesh system, is doing so for a price worth considering.

Netgear, a company that saw sales decline 33% in the first quarter of 2022, is looking to sell users their Orbi Quad Band Mesh W-Fi System (RBKE960 Series) router for a hefty $2,799.

It is worth noting that Netgear’s device is indeed Wi-Fi 6E, the network standard up from Wi-Fi 6 which provides users with a 6GHz fast lane.

However, buying the Orbi in Australia is senseless.

Not only are network speeds in Australia just not high enough, even on the most premium networks, to justify spending that much on a router or mesh system, but many devices are also not compatible with Wi-Fi 6E.

Additionally, 6GHz networks are also extremely low range, meaning to make the most of their high speeds, you would need to be sitting right next to your router or mesh node.

With talk of Wi-Fi 7 already in the works, and Wi-Fi 6 support being much more widely supported, investing in a much cheaper and massively capable Mesh system such as D-Link’s new one is a much safer and rewarding decision.

The D-Link Eagle Pro AI AX3200 M32 Mesh Systems are available now from D-Link and selected retailers.

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