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Sydney based audio distributor Convoy was relaunched today after what their CEO claimed, “Was a journey back to hell and back”.

Established 52 years ago by CEO Geoff Mathews, the Company learnt the hard way that dealing with mass retailers can be a “perilous journey”.

After losing the rights to some of the most successful consumer brands sold by the likes of JB Hi Fi and Harvey Norman including Beats, JBL consumer products, Monster, Bowers and Wilkins and Harman Kardon consumer products due in part to these brands wanting to establish their own subsidiary operations in Australia Convoy was faced with the daunting task of having to rebuild their operation in Australia.

According to Mathews the Company that is now selling Bluesound, NAD, JBL, Mark Levison, Music Hall and products such as their new Sonitus sound acoustic offering that attaches to walls with magnets is “debt free, cashed up and raring to go”.

At an event today at Bowral in the Southern Highlands several key resellers and specialist sound dealers were exposed to a new generation of products that Mathews believes will deliver growth for Convoy.

“Today we are in a good place we have a wealth of knowledge the right products and we are now working with the specialist channel to pass on a lot of this expertise especially when it comes to reaching new audiences such as millennials”.

“Our spell selling into the mass consumer market taught us a lot about this market. It’s a growth market that’s made up of people with money. We need to get this audience into specialist dealers as they have a superior offering over the likes of mass retailers”.

“This audience has a different mindset that the traditional audiophile or the people who the specialist channel has dealt with in the past” said Mathews.

“We have spent the last 12 months building a new support operation while also identifying products that we think are going to deliver profits for the channel but are the right products for the channel”.

We have a new marketing team in place and we are able to support the channel with instore merchandising, we also have some exciting new products coming”.
ChannelNews understands that the BluOS system that powers the Bluesound gear will be Alexa enabled.

Another interesting product shown at todays event was what appears to be a very clever speaker from a UK Company called Studio 19. The 360 degree speaker looks slick and modern and sounds excellent.

All Solo products incorporate a breakthrough, patented DPAC technology to create a bass sound that matches or surpasses the conventional subwoofer.
The innovative driver configuration, combined with air pressure, delivers a full-range sound with deep low-end frequencies and astonishing clarity of sound in an ultra-compact size.

According to Mathews this could be the product that gets the Company back into the mass consumer electronics channel.

At the premium end of the market Convoy showed off a new $5,000 Carey Audio Music system that delivers what Mathews describes as 2 X 75 “Real Watts” Stereo channels, high definition output.

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