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Connected Media Pick Up Bluesound, NAD + PSB

Canadian audio Company Lenbrook has officially appointed Connected Media as the distributor of their Bluesound, NAD and PSB headphones.

The appointment in New Zealand has still not been announced yet according to Connected Media Director Ken Dwyer.

Gord Simmons the CEO and owner of Lenbrook confirmed the appointment to ChannelNews earlier today.

Previously the Lenbrook products were distributed in New Zealand by Wilddash Audio.

What many people are now asking is “When will Connected Media pick up the business in Australia”.

Currently NAD Bluesound and PSB are distributed by Convoy International a Company who since the death of founder Geoff Mathews has done little if any PR marketing for the Lenbrook products with ChannelNews, SmartHouse or SoundMag they also went more than 12 months without a sales director.