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Communication Workers Union Blasts Telstra’s Job Cuts


The Communication Workers Union (CWU) says Telstra is putting short-term profits above long-term services after the telco announced it would be slashing 8,000 jobs.

CWU president Shane Murphy says this job cut is one of the largest in Australian corporate history.

He says, “Telstra’s decision to slash 8,000 job will devastate thousands of Australian families and have a significant impact on Telstra’s ability to deliver for consumers.

“In an industry which is booming, Telstra has clearly chosen to prioritise short term profits to keep shareholders happy, instead of investing in the future of Australia’s network. In particular the CEPU is concerned about plans to hive off Telstra’s network of infrastructure, which seems a first step to selling it off altogether.

“This is a recipe for reduced services, with Telstra’s highly skilled workforce of employees and contractors replaced by casuals and piece-workers. These cuts will directly impact on Telstra’s ability to service existing clients, particularly those who in regional areas rely on the network for business and essential services.”

Murphy says this move is “the low-point of 20 years of privatisation, which has consistently taken the low road of cutting jobs rather than investing in vital community infrastructure.”

He asks CEO Andy Penn to reconsider this ‘drastic’ action.

Telstra will be cutting its workforce by a quarter in a strategy called Telstra2022. Other initiatives listed for Telstra2022, includes the sales of $2bn of assets plus the slashing of $1bn in costs to gain $2.5bn in savings.

Some commentators are calling for Telstra CEO to be sacked over this job massacre.

The union is currently in talks with Telstra. Read the whole Telstra2022 strategy here.

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