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Chrome, Firefox, Edge Set For Massive Crash

An urgent warning has been put out to users of Chrome, Firefox and Edge to prepare for an update that could crash these most-visited websites.

The three hugely popular web browsers are all in line for a massive update as they enter their 100th version, with warnings the extra digit could confuse some sites.

Reminiscent of the Y2K fears, there are concerns the extra digit could confuse some sites, because they ask your computer or phone for the browser you’re using with each visit, and the version.

The issue sits with the fact the code can only manage two digits, so as a result they will only read 10, rather than 100. Then things will potentially fall apart.

The clock is now ticking to fix the situation, which really should have been forecasted.

Chrome is at version 98, updating to the next level around every month.

Edge is also at version 98, with Firefox at 97.

So it seems internet breakdown could be only a couple of months away unless something is done – and done quick.

While many site owners have sorted their systems, Yahoo, Bethesda and HBO Go are yet to get on board.

It is said Google will freeze Chrome’s version number name to 99 and Mozilla will attempt something similar, but it’s not really known what the true impact of this situation will be until version 100 lands.

Chrome, Firefox and Edge have around four billion users combined.

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