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Over Half Of Aussie Households Opt For High-Speed NBN

Almost 8.6 million residential broadband services are now on the NBN, with 58 per cent on high speed services of 50 Mbps, and an additional 15 per cent on speeds of 100 Mbps and over.

This is according to the ACCC’s latest NBN Wholesale Market Indicators Report.

The majority of these were lured in by the ‘Focus On Fast’ promotional drive, which gave what ACCC called “very high speed services” of over 100 Mbps for an introductory price. Since those discounts have now ended, these 100 Mbps+ services dropped by 108,000 households, or 24 per cent during the final quarter of 2021. Half the households drew by these offers in 2021 remain on 100 Mbps+ services.

This need for speed has also seen an increased market share for smaller operators, such as Aussie Broadband, who yesterday reported its market share now sits at 5.6 per cent, and Superloop, who have 1.7 per cent market share.

This push by smaller operators, saw the big players market share declined slightly over the quarter with Optus (14.5 to 14.1 per cent), Telstra (44.3 to 44.1 per cent) and TPG (23.9 to 23.6 per cent) all falling.

“We are glad to see continued growth from smaller NBN providers. Their presence in the market keeps pressure on the big four of Telstra, TPG, Optus and Vocus to maintain a high quality, competitive service,” ACCC Commissioner Anna Brakey said.

“Some smaller providers are offering consumers different options to meet their specific needs, such as tailored plans and discounted pricing options, network performance graphs, Australia-only call centres and gamer-optimised plans.”

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