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China’s Ghostdrone To Target Oz

There’s a gulf between the world of $100 entry level drones and professional offerings by companies like DJI and Parrot. It’s precisely this niche that Chinese player eHang is targeting with its new GhostDrone 2.0.

At a Sydney-based launch event, distributor Riise announced it had secured exclusive A/NZ distribution rights for Ehang’s new Ghostdrone 2.0 and will be shipping the drone locally in time for holiday shoppers.

“The  Ghostdrone  2.0  VR  provides  Aussie  consumers  with  a  truly-one-of-a-kind immersive flying experience. It is accessible, fun and super-easy to control entirely  by  smartphone,” said Nick Segger of Riise.

Added Derrick Xiong, CMO of EHang: “We believe users are intimidated by the complexity of flying their first drone. But with our new VR goggles and 4K cameras, it’s easier and more intuitive than ever to take to the skies.”

The Ghostdrone 2.0 VR is available online only from ehangdrones.com.au for $1199. – Channel News

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