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China ‘Angry’ Over Huawei OZ Treatment Dossier Reveals

A leaked document delivered by the Chinese embassy in Canberra has revealed 14 disputes China has with Australia, claiming the powerful country is “angry”.

The document, leaked to The Age, lists 14 grievances which are “poisoning bilateral relations” between Australia and China, including the government’s 5G ban on Huawei.

However Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed the Australian government will not be backing down on its decision to ban Huawei from the rollout of 5G due to security concerns.

“[We] won’t be compromising on the fact we will set what our foreign investment laws are or how we build our 5G telecommunications networks or how we run our systems protecting against interference in the way we run our country,” Morrison told 9News from his quarantine after visiting Japan this week.

“We won’t be changing any of that. We make our laws, our rules and pursue our relationships in our interests.”

Other grievances in the dossier include Australia’s call for an inquiry into the origins of COVID-18 and the accusations that China is behind cyber-attacks.

“China is angry,” an official said after the leak on Tuesday. “If you make China the enemy, China will be the enemy.”

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