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Cheaper EVs For Oz Motorists

A Sydney company is planning to import electric hatchbacks that will sell for around $35,000, almost $10,000 less than the cheapest models currently on the market.

Chinese carmaker BYD says it will supply the electric hatchbacks to Sydney company TrueGreen Mobility.

The cheapest EV currently available here is the Chinese-made MG ZS EV, which sells for A$43,990.

But TrueGreen Mobility has signed a deal with Chinese carmaker BYD to import a new hatchback that it claims will retail for less than $35,000, while increasing global battery production is expected to drive down the price of EVs even further.

TrueGreen Mobility’s CEO Luke Todd said the scheme would be the first step in a long-term plan to import cars built for Australian roads.

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