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CES 2020: Cyrcle Smartphone Makes Music Sharing Easy

At Las Vegas, Nevada, the latest smartphone by Cyrcle has unveiled a new feature that is set to make shared music streaming easy.

The latest development by the US start-up phone company is ‘non-rectangular’ and features two headphone jacks – making two people able to listen to music through the same device with a full audio experience.

Cyrcle says the rounded design shape is intended to be a ‘sensual’ visual feature and has been in the works since 2015.

#BeNonRectangular is the marketing hashtag for the bizarre phone, prompting people to reject the ‘rectangular.’

While the phone has yet to get its software to match Its shape – the company is suggesting Cyrcle will be available for the market within 12-months.

‘The Cyrcle Phone 2020 will be available for the lowest price possible on launch day. Sign up below for a launch alert,’ the company’s website states.

No price is currently listed for the device.

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