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Apple Cooking Up Gaming Keyboards With RGB

Apple may be entering into the realm of gaming with a brand new patent being filed in the US for a keyboard with mixed input lighting.

Apple has registered a a ‘mixed input lighting using multiple light sources with switchable operational state’ with US Patent Office, giving further validation to rumours of a dedicated gaming device from the Cupertino based company.

While gaming is not impossible on an Apple computer, the platform is not the first choice for gaming due to the dominating PC market, which not only outperforms but is highly customisable to allow for unique builds with a whole manner of hardware combinations.

The patent details an input device with LEDs ‘positioned beneath the contact surface’, with the lights able to change colours in ‘response to a signal received from the electronic device during operation of the electronic device’.

It comes following the release of the acclaimed 16-inch MacBook Pro, replacing the failed butterfly keyboard with scissor switches from its magic keyboard.

The patent goes on to suggest that ‘conventional keyboards typically do not offer the ability to dynamically control lighting schemes’.

Apple is looking to improve ‘user experience and increase potential for feedback to a user’ with a keyboard that incorporates ‘individually controllable variable internal illumination’.

True gamers will be happy to know that Apple is also thinking of including RGB, with the patent detailing that ‘in some embodiments the LEDs may be RGB LEDs’.

While the patent doesn’t go into details about the actual form or structure of the input device, Apple does give a few clues as to what it may be constructed from.

The patent describes the ‘contact surface’ of the keyboard suggesting it could be made from ‘transparent and translucent plastics, glass, transparent or translucent ceramics, and other transparent or translucent materials’.

It’s not clear whether Apple is looking to create an input device similar to the Touchbar added to Macbook’s nearly three years ago or a whole new keyboard design.

What we do know is that the buzz surrounding the rumours of an Apple gaming machine will only grow from here.

Though hopefully, it’s not as expensive as the $10K Mac Pro.

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