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4K Bi-Copter Camera Drone Unveiled At CES 2020

Zero Zero Robotics has unveiled the V-Coptr Falcon – its new consumer bi-copter camera drone that sports a V-shaped dual-rotor propulsion system and is capable of capturing 4K video with a 7km remote control range.

With a multi-patented dual-rotor propulsion system and proprietary flight control technology, V-Coptr Falcon’s flight time significantly surpasses industry standards – pushing flight time to 50 minutes for the ultimate aerial photography experience.

The patented blade design and precise configuration of V-shaped dual-rotors combined with a slower rotation of the propellers allow Falcon to create lift with higher efficiency and a lower noise profile.

The V-Coptr Falcon sports a 12MP camera equipped with a Sony ½.3-inch sensor on a 3-axis gimbal just below the stereo cameras. Its camera is capable of capturing up to 4K at 30fps or 2.7K for up to 60fps, or 1080p for up to 120fps.

Video captured can be stored on the 8GB internal drive or stored on a separate microSD card slot if preferred with a capacity of 256GB.

Utilising Visual Intertial Odometry (VIO) and a front-facing stereo camera, the V-Coptr Falcon can map its surrounding, detect obstacles and avoid collisions in real-time. Newly upgraded visual tracking algorithms can accurately and stably follow people or other moving objects.

The V-Coptr Falcon also has pre-programmed flight paths for cinematic shots at the touch of a button.

“V-Coptr is the result of two and a half years of research and development, and we are very proud and we are more than excited to keep innovating and pushing the boundaries of both intelligence and flight,” said MQ Wang, CEO & founder of Zero Zero Robotics.

“Zero Zero looks forward to continuing to challenge expectations of what is possible with drones and expanding our offerings to different customer segments.”

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