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CES 2019: Arlo Debut All-in-One Security Sensor

Arlo has expanded its smart security portfolio with its new all-in-one Multi-Sensor, forgoing the need for single-purpose sensors as used in traditional DIY systems.

The new Arlo Multi-Sensor is a compact device, which can be placed “nearly anywhere.”

Set-up and controlled via the Arlo app, the Multi-Sensor can detect when windows/doors open or close, smoke and carbon monoxide, temperature changes, water leaks, motion and more.

The Multi-Sensor can also be programmed to trigger other Arlo products e.g. activate a security camera to start recording.

Vice President and Managing Director, Arlo Technologies APAC, Brad Little, asserts the new Multi-Sensor is a “game changing” component of its new security system.

“From identifying if a door or window is open, to detecting a leak under the sink, the Multi-Sensor
communicates with other Arlo products and certified third-party smart home devices via the Arlo
SmartHub, offering an intelligent security solution all managed by the Arlo app.”

The Multi-Sensor forms part of Arlo’s Security System, as announced at CES 2019.

The system is designed to complement Arlo’s camera capabilities, with accessories including an Arlo Siren and Arlo Remote.

The full Arlo Security System will launch in Australia in the second half of 2019 (Pricing to be confirmed).

All Security System products are powered by Arlo’s SmartHub and managed via the Arlo app.

The new Arlo Siren is battery-operated and can be placed anywhere in range of the SmartHub. The device evokes a large siren and red strobe light to detect intruders and alert neighbours.

Users can also emit sounds such as TV audio, or a dog barking to appear as though the house is inhabited.

[Arlo Security System]

[Arlo Remote]

The new Arlo Remote offers users the convenience of arming/disarming their system without needing the Arlo app. Extra functions include turning on compatible third-party lights or the Arlo Siren.

The Arlo SmartHub is set to become Zigbee and Z-Wave compatible in the second half of 2019, allowing users to control other third-party “Works with Arlo” devices (e.g. smart lights) from a central platform.

For added smarts, Arlo has announced it’s adding Apple HomeKit support to its Ultra 4K HDR Wire-Free and Arlo Pro 2 security cameras via a firmware update in Q1 2019.

The update will enable iPhone and iPad users to interact with cameras via Siri voice commands and more.

Specifications are available on Arlo’s website here.

[Arlo Siren]

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