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CES 2019: 5G, Ai, 8K, & New Beauty Tech For Females

CES kicks off next week and key presentations will be about 5G, artificial intelligence and 8K TV’s which upscale 4K content to 8K as well as new beauty gear for women.

Anyone who believes Telstra’s 5G spin of late, had better have deep pockets, because 5G gear is going to cost you and battery life will not be as good as 4G devices.

Another big topic will be voice-powered devices and smart speakers running Alexa, and Google Home which appears to have got traction in Australia because it was available ahead of Amazon’s Alexa platform.

In one of the first keynotes of the show, I.P. Park, president and chief technology officer of LG Electronics, will detail the company’s vision for A.I., which can “solve the problem of using complex systems, so that the devices become smart — and smart devices mean they’ll know exactly what you want,” he said.

In Australia LG needs to invest in their brand and expand their marketing because they have the products and the technology to be a true market leader.

And it’s not just TV’s and appliances where LG excels. At CES LG, will reveal the next phase in the development of the smart kitchen and the Drop KitchenOS platform. This technology allows for better integration of kitchen appliances, such as ovens, into the connected home.

On the television front, expect bigger and brighter, of course and 8K.

A number of companies launched 8K televisions at CES 2018, but few of them actually shipped to market.

Expect more realistic products this year, meaning gear you can actually buy from The Good Guys or JB Hi Fi, including OLED & QLED TV’s to die for from LG, monster 80-inch 8K TVs, and Alexa and Google Assistant baked into nearly every TV announced.

It’s been hard to miss Telstra banging on about their efforts to deliver a new 5G network in Australia. This is despite the fact that hundreds were left without any broadband over the Xmas period due to yet another Telstra network failure.

What 5G will deliver is substantially faster speeds and vastly lower latency times, the next-generation networking technology will interconnect everything from cars to computers to smart homes.

Like the Internet back in 1999, this will change everything, but it is going to take time and we need standards and better security which is what will be discussed at CES.

In 2019, every major carrier in Australia will have pilot 5G programs up and running.

At CES, we’ll learn about things like immersive virtual reality worlds that don’t suffer disorienting lags from slow networks.

It means being able to visit the best doctor anywhere around the world, and maybe even undergo robotic surgery, thanks to telepresence technology.

And of course, it means faster phones, so that you can download the new Game of Thrones episode in the blink of an eye, rather than just plodding along.

The show where we will see the first devices that attach to 5G networks will be at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 in March.

As for concept cars CES will be awash with splashy visions of what the car or SUV of the future feels like once robots become our chauffeurs – and our cars become more movie theatre than driver’s seat.

Audi is set to reveal a full-fledged entertainment space and work is still going on to build and programming the systems that will actually pilot our cars.

As politicians like Julie Bishop and Julia Banks look to pump up their reputations pushing women’s issues it was a breast pump that took CES by storm in 2017. What’s nice to see is a real growth in products meant for women, designed by women – and not just pink smartphone cases or easier-to-use washing machines.

Take the Willow Breast Pump this is a device that hadn’t changed in decades until it became a smart wearable with an app – so smart in fact that Digital Trends gave it a Top Tech of CES award.

In 2018, the Female Tech space exploded and as for female tech trends to watch for at CES 201 they will be front and centre at this year’s show will with big brands like L’Oreal and Olay at the show, some for the first time ever.

They will reveal smartphone-controlled skin care devices and A.I.-powered beauty apps which I doubt will help Bishop and Banks to gain a political edge as they slag off male politicians.

Another big new product at CES 2019 will be a giant 8K TV screen that rolls-up and can be stowed away.

Right now, Samsung is tipped to lead the innovation charge and LG is jumping back into PC’s.

What we do expect to see is notebooks tablets that incorporate new display tech for an entirely new experience.

Imagine a device without a keyboard, just a continuous screen that can act like a keyboard when you need one it will all be on show at CES with Lenovo and Acer leading the pack to deliver new PC innovation.
The Show kicks off on January 9th in Las Vegas.

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