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Apple XS iPhone Struggles To Deliver Growth

First it was their expensive iPhone XS that struggled to attract consumers now Apple is having problems with their newest entry-level iPhone XT

The iPhone XR — this year’s cheapest iPhone model is retailing for $1,299 Vs $$2,369 512Gb XS yet despite this massive price difference the cheap iPhone was only able to capture 32% of the iPhone market Vs 39% for the old iPhone 8 and 8Plus during the similar period last year, a study by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners reveals.

It’s also just 2 percent ahead of the share last year’s iPhone X had grabbed — despite the fact that prices for the X started at $999.

This year’s top-tier iPhone XS and XS Max models only took took a 35 percent share of the iPhone market in the month following the cheaper XR’s release.

Consumer Intelligence claims that sales of the XR have been a thorn in Apple’s side since it hit stores in late October.

As a result Apple has seen its stock drop more than 30 percent as numerous parts and chip suppliers for the iPhone have slashed sales forecasts.

Over the Xmas period Apple was blasting out emails to shoppers that advertised the XR at a $849 discounted prices provided customers trade in their iPhone 7.

This year, 82 percent of iPhone purchasers upgraded from an older model, while 16 percent made the switch from Android.

Last year, iPhone loyalists made up 86 percent of upgrades, while only 11 percent of buyers were previously on Android.

“It appears that iPhone XR did serve to attract current Android users,” CIRP co-founder Mike Levin said.

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