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CES 2018: Nokia Launches Smart Sleep Sensor

Finnish company Nokia has released Nokia Sleep, an advance sensor delivering sleep analysis and offering smart home control through IFTTT integration.

Nokia Sleep is a Wi-Fi enabled pad that fits under the mattress and provides insight into the quality of the sleep experience while offering environment control through IFTTT, an automation service for all internet-connected things,

Nokia says the new sleep sensor includes, sleep cycle analysis showing sleep duration and interruptions, light, deep and rapid-eye-movement phases and snoring tracking; an individualised sleep score indicating how restorative the night’s sleep was and how users can improve; smart home control via the IFTTT home automation platform, Nokia Sleep acts as a switch to automatically control lights, thermostats when the user gets in and out of bed.

Nokia Sleep synchronises with the Nokia Health Mate app so users can view their sleep patterns via their smartphone.

Nokia will also be integrating its Health Mate app with Amazon Alexa and releasing a rose gold edition of its Steel HR activity tracking watch.

Rob Le Bras-Brown, head of Nokia’s digital health business says, “Our vision is to help make the world a healthier place and quality of sleep is as critical a component of a healthy lifestyle as regular exercise and a balanced diet. Nokia Sleep gives users insight into what happens when their eyes are closed along with the ability to change the environment for more restorative sleep with IFTTT home automation capabilities. Nokia Sleep will be a game changer in helping maximise a night’s sleep to make the most of the next day.”

Nokia Sleep will be available in Q1 2018 priced at US$99.95. Nokia Sleep will be available via the Nokia website and no word on when it will be available on Australian shores.

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