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CES 2016:Samsung Has A Dig At OLED TV’s, Takes On The Surface Pro, While Delivering A Dream Fridge

If there is one thing that Samsung does well is that they take great technology and make it even better and their CES press conference had something for everyone.

This was no more evident today than at their CES press conference where the Company rolled out new Smart TV capabilities despite LG nicking their Super Ultra High Definition mantle which was launched at CES 2015.
This year the Samsung press conference had a bit for everyone. 
One of the biggest, if not the biggest, press events at CES, The Korean conglomerate uses its stage to make major announcements for nearly every segment of its technology business. 
From connected homes to health, from smart appliances to smart phones, Samsung puts on a show, and the good news is that it all coming to Australia according to Samsung Australia Vice President Philip Newton. 
There is even a top end Tab Pro Windows machine that is wafer thin that will go up against the Microsoft Surface Pro.
the Galaxy TabPro S mimics Surface Pro 4 in a number of ways, be it its foldable keyboard cover add-on or its support for stylus input.
With its 12in 2160×1440 display it’s slightly smaller than Microsoft’s flagship tablet, but Samsung is boasting that the Galaxy TabPro S offers the first AMOLED display for Windows.
This year, South Korean tech giant Samsung wants your TV to win back its place at the centre of the home. Second-screen devices are on the rise, supplanting the television for younger generations, and Samsung isn’t content to merely offer great picture quality anymore.
The company’s major focus this year is smart home, or the Internet of Things, where the TV has a chance to once again reign as ruler of the room. 
All of Samsung’s 2016 smart TVs feature integrated smart home automation, allowing them to reach out and interact with your other connected devices as seamlessly as any automation hub.
That said, Samsung is still focused on delivering the sharpest and most beautiful TVs it can. 
Last year’s premium SUHD line up strides confidently into 2016 alongside 4K and Full HD sets.
Samsung’s robust SUHD sets are now brighter than ever the Company claims and in a subtle dig at LG and their OLED TV technology which Samsung executives claim will have a limited life “families don’t with a Samsung TV have to sit in a darkened room to get sold blacks” a Company executive said.
Samsung also revealed the new Family Hub Refrigerator, a new category of IoT technology applied home appliance which helps families to connect, and provides new ways to manage, shop and prepare food. 
Its centrepiece is a 21.5″ Full HD LCD touchscreen, a digital command centre for the connected home, which combines powerful performance with ground-breaking technology never before seen in a refrigerator. 
the fridge has three built-in cameras that take a photo of the inside of the refrigerator every time the door is closed so consumers can always see what they have wherever they go, via their smartphone. 
Samsung has also partnered with MasterCard to offer a seamless online shopping experience through the Family Hub Refrigerator, it will not be available in Australia however Samsung Pay will be launched shortly.
Other new mobile products announced include the Gear S2 classic smartwatch with two new unique colour variants, Platinum and Rose Gold, and new collaborations with world-renowned designers such as Alessandro Mendini and Colombo. 
Samsung is continuously expanding its design partnerships with industry icons, as part of its commitment to offering consumers ever greater choice for a more personalized wearable experience. In addition to watch straps, Samsung has created stunning new watch faces featuring artwork from Keith Haring, Jean-Michael Basquiat, Jeremyville and Burton Morris.
The Gear S2 will also offer secure mobile payments through Samsung Pay, available in the U.S. in 2016, and is expanding its compatibility to devices running on iOS, to extend accessibility for an even wider range of mobile users.
Lastly, Samsung announced the availability of new apps from SmartThings, Uber, Yelp, eBay, CNN, Voxer and more – for both the Gear S2 and Gear S2 classic.

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