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CES 2016: Sony Launches New Turntable

Sony has unveiled a new turntable at CES 2016 that allows users to convert their vinyl collection into high-resolution audio quality digital files, equivalent to DSD quality.

The PS-HX500’s DSD native converter provides users the option to copy analogue tracks to a PC as a digital file, up to high-resolution audio quality.

“The PS-HX500 is the world’s first turntable to support double-rate and single-rate DSD (5.6 MHz/1-bit, 2.8 MHz/1-bit), a powerful audio format that will reproduce your music with both accuracy and natural musicality,” Sony states.

“Furthermore, the AD conversion process can offer a choice of file quality from WAV to high-resolution audio, with higher bit rate and sampling frequencies, through to double-rate DSD.”

The PS-HX500 is decked out with a newly designed tone arm with the stylus tip located in its central axis, which Sony states ensures excellent stereo balance, and features an integrated round head shell that “minimises resonance for pure sound reproduction”.

Incorporated into the arm assembly is an anti-skating device, along with an arm cueing system, with a moving magnet cartridge supplied, with Sony stating tracking force and balance are easily adjustable.

“The PS-HX500 has an aluminium die-cast platter and is belt-driven by a two-speed motor,” Sony states.

“A high-density 30 mm acoustic plinth is featured, along with a newly designed 5 mm rubber mat and four insulator feet. A classical approach to turntable design, from years of past experience has produced a model which can satisfy the music enthusiast.”

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