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Carriers To Score On Digi-Content

SYDNEY/LONDON – Carrier billing is set to play an increasing role in digital content transactions, with operators eyeing content revenues, while the likes of Apple are branching out in the market, UK-based Juniper Research has reported.

Juniper expects that digital content transactions paid for by carrier billing will reach US$47 billion by 2020, up substantially from 2015’s total of just under US$11.3 billion.

According to the research, carrier billing solutions could apply to a number of different environments, potentially becoming a key means of monetising content – from connected cars to in-flight infotainment.

Juniper states that the decision by Apple “to test carrier billing in Germany and Russia is likely to herald a substantial number of further deployments in the medium term”.

The majority of payments (69pc in 2020) will continue to be made via debit and credit cards. However other payment mechanisms, including PayPal, are likely to experience significant growth, Juniper says. – Channel News