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Canva Has Designs On Sports Market

Aussie design company Canva, recently valued at a whopping A$53.6 billion, has entered the sporting arena, teaming with soccer club Melbourne Victory and NFL team, Philadelphia Eagles.

Canva will be Melbourne Victory’s “official design partner”, with Canva users invited to design the club’s ‘away’ uniform through a Canva hub on the Victory’s website. The competition launched last month, and garnered over 650 entries, and 1.4 million web impressions.

The Philadelphia Eagles partnership came through local links, with the team senior vice president of revenue and strategy Catherine Carlson and three roster players all hailing from Australia.

“I‘m genuinely excited to welcome Canva as a partner of the Philadelphia Eagles,” said Carlson, “especially because I’m Australian so I’m a bit biased, but we quickly realised their online design platform was very relevant for our fans who engage with us on digital platforms and social media.

“Our fans are crazy, they bleed green, and it’s going to be really fun seeing how our fans use the platform.”

Zach Kitschke, Canva’s chief marketing officer, told The Australian that sports deals are “a key plank” behind the company’s growth.

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