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Nothing Set Their Sights On Apple With The Phone 1

Up and coming technology brand ‘Nothing’ have officially announced the release of their debut smartphone, the Phone 1. CEO and former co-founder of OnePlus Carl Pei revealed that the phone would be available by midway through the year.

Until this point, information on the new device had been kept quite ‘hush hush’ and besides a small teaser trailer that has just been released, very little has changed.


What we do know is that it will sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor and will run Android. Design aspects are still being speculated, but some are saying that it may have transparent elements like Nothings first product, the Ear 1 true wireless earbuds.

Others are saying that based on the cryptic teaser trailer, the phone will make use of light strips, which media company The Verge speculated could function as a notification light. In their interview with Pei, he simply responded to the theory with a “maybe.”

The phone will sport its own unique Android skin to fit in with the iconic Nothing branding, however very little has been revealed about the actual software specifications itself.

“Our sound design is really cool,” says Pei, “so definitely check that out.”

While the visuals surrounding Nothing and their Phone 1 are important in establishing a brand, Pei and his company state that this has been done with the intent of starting an interlocked device ecosystem, not unlike the one that Apple have gradually developed. Pei wants Nothing products to be unmistakably theirs, and has ensured that the design team work hand in hand with the software and marketing teams, so that they can achieve a “single vision”.

While many have assumed that Pei would be looking to take on his former company OnePlus, he wants to have his devices interact seamlessly and cleanly like they are designed to with Apple products. The new Phone 1 acts as a centre device for Universal Control.

The Nothing Ear 1 True Wireless Ear Buds
Credit: Nothing

Taking on Apple’s model is a daunting task for a company much younger, much less developed and with much less in terms of resources.

Furthermore, locking into what Pei calls a “walled garden” is likely to discourage consumers who would need to invest in new products. Apple have an advantage in this field as they were responsible for developing the first iPhone and the blueprint of what smartphones are today. They have a developed heritage.

Furthermore, Nothing are a startup company building off the Android OS, and doesn’t own as much of its own tech as Apple does.

Nothing does plan on making many of their own devices, but also wants to beef out their ecosystem with partner companies and their products.

Pei is adamant that there is something about what Nothing offers that is enticing to other companies. He believes that there is an appeal for Nothing because as the company “help(s) them do a lot of the work that they can’t do themselves.”

While Pei is happy to admit that he has set his sights high for Nothing, he believes that via carefully placed baby steps, that this dream can be achieved.



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