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Candice Lester Gone, As Huawei Tries To Jack Up Demand For New P40 Chinese Smartphone

Candice Lester has gone as Consumer Communications Manager at Huawei after a less than successful launch of the Companies P30 smartphone, now the banned Chinese Company is set to have another crack at getting consumers interested in one of their smartphones with the launch of an all new P40.

Lester who has departed to IBM, another struggling technology Company, has never explained how under her watch at Huawei she allowed the Company to present at a major press conference, so called images shot on allegedly shot on competitors devices that were not accurate and falsely represented both the performance of the P30 camera and those of a competitor.

The new P40 which no major carriers are set to range in Australia but will be available via a Huawei online site with the P40 Pro model set to cost over $2K.

The P40 and P40 Pro will use the Kirin 990 5G chipset, both will be 5G compatible and P40 Pro will have a 256GB memory option.

The Huawei P40 Pro will have a larger 6.58″ OLED display with 90Hz refresh rate and 1,200 x 2,640px resolution. The dual punch hole in the top left corner will house a 32MP selfie camera, a depth sensor and a 3D sensor for secure face unlock.

The Huawei P40 Pro will be available in White, Black, Gold and Silver.

The rear camera will feature two modules with RYYB sensors.

The first is a 50MP “UltraVision” camera with f/1.9 aperture and OIS, which will be primarily used for photos.

There’s also an Octa Phase Detection system along with pixel binning according to sources in China.

The other RYYB sensor will have 40MP resolution and will be used mainly for videos. The P40 Pro will be able to record 4K video with its rear and front cameras. The rear cam can boost its ISO to 51,200.

Also built in is a Super Sensing zoom feature offering up to 50x hybrid zoom, let’s hope it’s better than the 50X zoom in the P30 which delivered shocking grainy images.

Bottom end P40

The Huawei P40 will be smaller and lighter than the Pro model.

It will have a 6.1″ OLED display with 1080p+ resolution (the refresh rate looks to be 60Hz). The selfie camera will skip the 3D sensor.

The rear camera setup will use the 50MP UltraVision camera, however the telephoto lens uses an 8MP sensor (both modules will have OIS).

There will also be an ultra-wide shooter with a 16MP sensor.

The battery capacity is expected to be 3,800mAh and will only support 22.5W fast charging which is the same as the prior P30 model, there is also no dust and water resistance and no additional cooling (the Pro’s chipset will dump its heat in the graphene-based SuperCool system).

The launch is set to take place tomorrow.

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