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New Apple Entertainment Control System

New Apple Entertainment Control System

Developed for the Philips Pronto automation platform the new software was developed as a joint project between UK and local Australian software developers.

The new application called ProntoTunes 2-way, allows users of Apple iTunes, Apple TV and Apple AirPort Express devices to control their music from anywhere in their home or office via a new  Philips Pronto touchscreen.

Designed to allow users to have complete control of their entertainment content the new application works using secure Wi-Fi technology.  Users simply scroll through the list and play any of the available albums, artists, genres, playlists, movies, TV shows and more using a new Philips scroll wheel. 

Large thumb print cover art is shown for the currently playing file whether it be music, movie or a TV show. User can quickly search through artists, albums and songs and zones can simply be toggled on and off when using Apple Airport Express or Apple TVs.

“End users and Systems Integrators have been waiting a long time for a low cost application to create a seamless control experience between multi-room sound systems and the highly popular Apple products” said Joe Salamanca – Business Manager for Control Products at local distributor QualiFi.

“The new software allows users to turn on their entertainment system in multiple areas of their home or business, select and play any artist, album, track, video and more” he Salamanca said.

The new system is available for the Philips Pronto TSU9400, TSU9600 and TSU9800 control panels.