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A more accessible and adaptable Bowers & Wilkins Home App is coming to the Formation wireless audio speaker range with the companion app due to receive an update next year.

Previously used to facilitate device setup only, the new Bowers & Wilkins Home app, coming in ‘early 2020’ will enable access to popular music services such as TIDAL, which recently added Dolby Atmos Music tracks to its streaming service.

The overhauled Home application is the interface for every Formation product, giving users more in-depth access to the Bowers & Wilkins True Sound.

The app has been produced by EVA Automation, which acquired the British Audio brand in May 2016.

Embedded streaming means the speaker does not require a companion device to stream from, with the music streaming directly from the Formation speakers.

Already featuring Spotify Connect the new app will add Deezer and Tidal.

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