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Amazon Sell Competitors Clock Product For 50% More Than Own Smart Clock

Updated 17 December to include a statement from Citizen.

Amazon is now selling an identical premium Alexa-powered analogue clock for $40 more than their own digital Echo Wall Clock.

Produced by Citizen Clocks, the CC5012 Smart Echo Compatible Wall Clock costs $79.99 from Amazon for the metal frame version.

A premium wood finish model will set you back $89, although Amazon does not currently sell this version.

The easy to read Alexa powered analogue clock, much like its affordable competitor, does more than tell the time with 60 LED lights for visual countdown markers when setting the alarm.

Featuring clear numerics, a plain white background behind a protective glass lens, the Citizen Smart Clock is suitable for several spaces.

Competing directly with the Amazon Echo Wall Clock, the Citizen Clock has an almost identical feature set for nearly twice the price at $29.99.

To sync the time, however, the Amazon Echo Wall Clock has to be paired to a compatible Alexa-device, while the Citizen does not.

According to Citizen, Amazon approached them to produce ‘a best-in-class wall clock compatible with Alexa devices’.


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